October 22, 2020

“I am not really alone, because the Father is with me.” - John 16:32 (GNT)

Isolation is a real issue within our warrior class. Isolation leads to loneliness, which leads to depression… and it becomes this brutal cycle that one can easily get stuck in. Although, it’s not always easy, it’s extremely important to remember that you are never alone.

Having the mind of Christ means always being aware that God is with you.

We see this in the life of Jesus. Jesus lived in the presence of God and stayed connected to the favor of God. No matter how busy he was, he stayed in tune with the Father. Jesus said, “I am not really alone, because the Father is with me” (John 16:32 GNT).

This is why the greatest weapon against loneliness is thinking like Jesus. When you have the mind of Christ, you’ll be able, like him, to say, “I’m not alone, because I know the Father is always with me.” When we feel alone, it’s often the result of not living with the mind of Christ—we’re not aware of God’s constant care.

How can you always stay aware of God’s constant care? One way is through prayer. Jesus made prayer a daily habit: “Jesus would often go to some place where he could be alone and pray” (Luke 5:16 CEV).

Notice this verse says that Jesus often slipped away so he could pray. You can’t just do that every now and then if you want to have the mind of Christ. Jesus’ prayer life was continual. He made it the priority of his life to be with his Father. It was a habit.

Do you stop and pray throughout the day? If Jesus felt the need to slip away and pray throughout his day, then think about how much more we need it! When you don’t take the time to talk with God, you miss out on the gifts of God. It’s not God’s will for you to be too busy for him. 

Jesus Christ knew who he was and what his purpose was. He was always aware of God’s presence. When you get the mind of Christ, you will have those things too, and you’ll know that the Father is always with you.

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