There is something to be said about the time of year when Christmas music begins to take over all radio stations, colorful lights fill the neighborhoods, and frost greets us each morning. The highly anticipated Holiday season is finally here!

One of the most beloved Christmas song of all time is “O Holy Night.” In fact, nostalgia kicks in as I imagine the soulfully warm voice of Nat King Cole singing it now! My favorite lines from the song says, “A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices.” This lyric refers to the long expected Messiah, Jesus, who came to save the world over two thousand years ago. The Messiah brought a true sense of hope which gave joy in the mist of the chaos of the world around. Much the same today, we can look at this Holiday season with HOPE.

Each Christmas season the Advent celebration takes place during the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. The first week of celebration highlights Hope found in Jesus Christ. Whether you take time to light the candle during your holiday traditions or not, you too can celebrate the Hope found during this time of year.

For many American Warriors, the reality of the world around leads to weariness. We live busy lives with countless tasks and responsibilities. But when we taste the “thrill of hope” in the Holidays we can step away from the chaos and take time to REJOICE. Just off the cusp of Thanksgiving and into the Holiday season there is excitement, celebration, and kinship all around. Friends and families gather together to share meals and give gifts. Traditions are shared, pastimes are rekindled and hope is renewed. May you, your family, friends, and loved ones experience the thrill of hope and rejoice with one another this Holiday season. Celebrate Hope during the most wonderful time of year.

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