2020 AWA Men's Group 2

“This week was one of the most challenging weeks I’ve been through emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This program completely took me out of my element, and it was exactly what I need to reconnect with God and conquer the pain of my past.” 
– Brandon Fullerton, USMC Combat Veteran


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Our 2nd group of 2020 began on July 13th and brought men from different parts of the country to our men’s warrior program. With this class, the remote setting became a place of in-depth and purposeful conversations among the men and our staff here at AWA. The weather was absolutely perfect this week in the high country, allowing the group to explore for miles into the wilderness area. We traveled by horseback six miles to a beautiful lake where the fish were plentiful, then we hiked up to 11,000 feet and dove deep into the teachings. At the top pf the mountain, 2 men gave their live to Christ and were baptized in Oyster Lake! The impact from this week is going to last a lifetime!

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